Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holo Glitter Polish Comparison: Seduction by ME vs. City Sparkle by Prevail

Do not be confused. These are not holo like Chanel "Holographic." They are GLITTER holos. They are absolutely gorgeous in real life, and these pictures do not do them justice, but just keep in mind, they are a zillion little pieces of holo glitter, not a smooth, singular, chrome holo. 
Both are sf stunning it's unreal. It's impossible to capture how they react with light, I actually prefer these to regular chrome holos because there's so much more going on and according to the transitive property, that means there so much more beauty.
Well, ME sucks with application. It's clumpy and ridiculous and I would have returned it if it wasn't a final sale policy. It would just take a lot of patience to deal with, but the outcome is still pretty. Prevail has no cons though. 
Verdict: Prevail is the clear winner on formula alone. Both look absolutely lovely, but Prevail's formula is perfect and applies evenly and easily (enough). Plus, it's cheap! You can find this brand at any Duane Reade in NYC.

One coat of each. Prevail on the left, ME on the right.

Two coats of Prevail.

Two coats of ME.

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